Books, books, books…

As almost anyone you ask, I have a lot of possessions. Now it would be a lie to say that I have a favorite possession, but it would probably be truthful to say that I have a favorite collection of possessions. If you asked just about anyone who knows me well, they would say that my favorite collection of possessions is my quilting fabric, my polymer clay or my jewelry tools, but they would be wrong. Although I do love those things very much my favorite group of things would be my Books.

Books are meant to be cherished and held close like a warm cuddly blanket that you draw around yourself to keep out the cold.

That quote pretty much sums up why I love books.


The countdown

Countdown. The day has come; the last-minute rush is upon us. We are leaving for Washington DC and the east coast tomorrow. When my elder sister and her best friend won State for National History Day we had no choice but to plan a trip to DC. I have, therefore, been counting down the days until we leave. The fact that we are leaving tomorrow has still not sunk in completely – sure we are packing like mad, doing last-minute loads of laundry, and trying very hard to plan all the little details – but it just will not click that we are leaving tomorrow. Well, I guess that will come tomorrow.

Instructable #1

Two days ago I published my first official Instructable. If you are not familiar with the web site Instructables, it is a really cool community where you can post instructions on how to make something. You can also look at other peoples Instructables to learn something new. I decided to enter in the “First Time Authors” contest with my Quilt-as-You-Go Wall Quilt, and it turns out that I did well because the next day I got an E-mail saying I’d been featured!

If you would like to see my Quilt-as-you-go tutorial click the link below;


You can also vote for me in the contest if you wish, just click the little “vote”button in the corner.

Can’t wait to see what you think of it!


Baby booties

Yesterday I made my first (and possibly last) attempt at baby booties. I decided to draft my own pattern and see how it went. Here is how they turned out (you can laugh, it’s okay).


I did just about everything wrong, but I do hope to find a way to make this work. Meanwhile, have fun trying out your own designs!